Water Infused Deliciousness

During these over the top sweltering days of summer nothing could be more devastating to health than dehydration.  Remember water keeps our body running!  Very large tasks like our hearts beat and muscle contraction to giving our skin that youthful glow fall to the responsibility of proper hydration.

For most an icy cold glass of H2O is refreshing;  for others drinking water is tasteless and boring.

Some of our bodies water intake comes from our food so eating summer veggies like summer squash and watermelon can add to our accumulated hydration.  Our bodies are able to also get some water out of sodas and other flavored beverages but these still need to be filter through the kidneys, while caffeinated beverages can leech much needed electrolytes like calcium.  So why would you want your body to work so hard for one of the three essentials for life?  Water.

Recent trends have come up with vita-waters and other water based flavored beverages.  This leads to another tough dilemma:  Why do I need high fructose corn syrup and coloring in my water?  And these products are usually more than a dollar a bottle making staying hydrated an expensive undertaking.

Here is an option!  Try infusing water yourself.  You can add all sorts of fruits and veggies to your water giving it the zip and variety you crave as well as nourishing what your body craves.  This should be fun so open your fridge and be creative.  Don't let those over mature food in the fridge go bad.  Put them in your Water.

Basic Recipe:

1 gallon pure clean water.

1 pitcher preferably glass or earthenware (plastics and metals can leech into your water)

Any fruit or veggie you love the taste of!  (Remember the more you add the stronger the flavor)


Add water and and sliced fruit  to pitcher.  Place in fridge and let set overnight (at least 6 hours).  Enjoy!  (Should be consumed in 24 hours if left in fridge.)


Cucumbers:  Cool in thermal nature, moistening.  Don't throw away the cucumbers after infusion.  These can be added to salads later or applied to the eyes for a spa treatment.



Passion Fruit


Be as creative as you like and remember to drink lots of water.  If you feel thirsty you have already become dehydrated.


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Shrimp and Black Bean Lettuce Wraps

NightShade Family



Butter is Best

Black Bean and mango Salsa

Cinco de Mayo Barracho Beans


Linguine With Tomatoes

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